Meet the Staff … 



Hi! My name is Aezana. I’ve been working with children for all of my life. Ever since I was little, I would help my mom set up her classrooms and assist her in teaching all the way through high school when I can. Since then I’ve worked with children in many ways. While living in a permaculture community, I taught the children of the area through the experience of the woodsy mountains we lived on. Learning through experience has always been a key aspect of my life and bringing it to children seemed equally as important. This experience helped pave my path leading me here to The Patch, which is now my home.



Hello, I am Alona. I enjoy facilitating the creation of art in the studio and love working with children and watching the sparkle in their eyes as their natural curiosity leads them to new discoveries. I like being outside often and filling my free time with sailing, surfing and swimming.



Hello! I am Ashley and I really enjoy seeing the joy on the children’s faces, it makes me love coming to work every day. I love helping develop community while being child honoring and having fun. I like climbing trees, getting messy, and playing board games. I love making new friends and I’m looking forward to a great year at the Patch with all the new faces!



Welcome parents and guardians of ALPoE! My name is Camille Martellaro, I’m 22 years young and I’m from Burlington, Vermont (you know, the land of maple syrup and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream). Aside from teaching, I’m very passionate about baking, aromatherapy, and my three children: Nel, Roo, and Pip (they’re all four-legged and furry, by the way). I am currently working toward my bachelors degree in child and adolescent development at Cal State, Northridge. This is my first year at ALPoE, as I expect it is for many of you as well. I’m so excited to connect with each and every one of you and help assist in the growth of your child’s imagination, confidence, and inquisitiveness. Looking forward to a positive, uplifting, and fun school year!



Hi! I’m Christie and I have been an early childhood educator and play advocate for over 20 years. I am so honored to be a part of the Patch family and love the beautiful community that we have created. I’m a preschool teacher by day/dance and stage mom by night, which is a bit surreal. As much as I want for your children to follow their own interests and to take risks and to do the things they love – that is what I want for my own children Cody, 11, and Peyton, 8. In order for them to pursue their dreams of stage and screen that does unfortunately present some scheduling snafu’s! Finding balance in life is what life is all about – and it’s never too early to start finding that balance. That’s why I love working with young children and seeing their highs and lows and helping them find their balance.



Good day! My name is Clint, and I am a teacher in the Meadow at a Little Patch of Earth. Although early childhood education is my life’s work, I have many passions. My heart is full when I am surrounded by forests, mountains, and rivers. Being in nature is where I belong, hence why I was drawn to A Little Patch of Earth. This school allows me the opportunity to work outside amongst the trees and dirt, while simultaneously being given the pleasure to teach. What could be better?! I enjoy running through the yard (often times with sword in hand) with the kids and engaging in glorious battle. My inclination for battle is generally out of a sense of defense, as I am often times under attack by wild pirates, powerful warriors, and mighty mages (aka kids). Thus, I am on high alert and ready to spring into action at all times. Constructive and pop-up play are areas that I am particularly interested in, but I am always game for some good ol’ fashioned art projects and storytelling opportunities. I am a staunch supporter of following the interests of the children and honoring their decisions in any way that I can. See you out on the battlefield…*ahem*…I mean play-yard!




Hello, I am Jeanne. I’ve been playing here at The Patch for 5 years since I moved here from New York. At the Patch I love messy art, being outdoors, rich provocations, spontaneous projects and the sound of laughter. I go home with painted clothes and dirty feet to my husband Corey, our two dogs, and a bearded dragon… and this Autumn we will add a baby to our little tribe. Our family is a work hard, play hard kind of family. 🙂




Hi! I am Kat. Since the moment I was “too big” to be a kid having fun, I began working and creating fun with them.  I didn’t truly know I wanted to be a teacher of Early Childhood until my second semester of college!  I feel learning is meant to be fun and creates real memories and draws out passions.  We are all life long learners, might as well make it fun!  I grew up dancing and now need to move my body every day in some way!  I love being able to express myself through any creative outlet, dance, movement, painting, coloring, singing loudly!  I enjoy watching plants grow as much as I love watching kids grow!  Childhood is truly such a magical part of life!  A quote that I’ve heard and love just reappeared in my life to remind me of why I love my job, “If it hasn’t been in the hand, the body and in the heart – it can’t be in the brain.” said by Bev Bos.


Hello! My name is Lori and I’m truly excited to be a part of The Patch.  I am a married mother of 3 Awesome kids and a true born and raised SCV (Awesometown) resident. I chose to have early childhood teaching as a career cause I couldn’t think of another job where sitting on the floor, getting your hands in glitter and toes in the sand was excepted. I’ve always been a kid at heart and have spent my life crafting, creating and being fun loving. My kid like self also has made me the only adult I know who won’t touch a coffee but will do a Starbucks run just for hot chocolate. As a part of ALPOE I hope to bring a smile and outlasting energy to every child’s day. Let’s make this a memory making year.




Hi, My name is Mary. I have been an Early Childhood Educator for over 25 years and
enjoy bringing my passion for children, nature and animals to the community. I have raised two daughters (and a husband lol) in Santa Clarita and we are looking forward to our first grandchild the end of October! I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Patch Community.



Hi! My name is Shelley, I am 33 years old, and I have had the privilege of working with young children for over half of my life. I have been at A Little Patch of Earth coming up on two years, and I feel at home here. When I am not in the presence of your beautiful children, I am at home with my own. I have a son, Frankie, who is 7 and he absolutely turns my world. We live right here in Santa Clarita with the love of my life, Blake. We fill our free time with as many beach trips, pool days, Angels’ games, Kings’ games, Ducks’ games, Frankie’s own baseball and hockey, Blake’s hockey, and my softball as we can. We also spend a lot of time with our huge, ever growing family who are all fortunately very local. I am passionate about my work as an educator as well as my work as a mother. I can assure you that while in my care your babies will be loved, nurtured, encouraged, and shown their own strengths. I might add that while in my care, the odds are high that your babes will explore all the messy things, all of them, from head to toe. Ha!


Hello, I am Siobhain. I  was born in Boston, MA, back in the day! (Go Red Socks!) When not in school, I spent nearly all of my time outside playing in the nearby woods or on the neighborhood roads along with all the other kids. I was one of those kids that came home for lunch (when called) and came home again when the streetlights came on. Special occasions I got to play outside after dark, which was magical when you are a child, somewhat scary, but in a good way. At age thirteen my mom and I moved to Ireland to live with my grandmother. My parents had broken up shortly before. What a culture shock! I made friends easily enough but school was quite a challenge! Back then, in 1971, memorization played a big part of the school curriculum. Memorization was and is still not one of my strengths. I’m more of “a hands on” learner. I have to touch, listen, smell, taste and play with things, concepts and ideologies before I fully understand them. I returned to the United States in 1983 with my Irish husband, Gerry. We have been married thirty-four years this year. We have two sons. I originally wanted 5 boys but came to realize that two boys was a good number! (What was I thinking, 5 boys!) My eldest son is married so I now have a daughter in-law too.  I have been a preschool teacher for twenty-five years. I am beginning my forth year here at The Patch. I feel so blessed to be in early childhood education. Every day is different, every child unique. Our work is often hard and requires patience, respect and a lot of love. The results are so rewarding. Seeing a child develop trust, confidence and the ability to question everything are just a few of the many perks of being in this field.

“Education comes from within; you get it by struggle and effort and thought”

       – Napoleon Hill




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