What is a registration fee?

Registration fee’s are $125.00 each year. The fee helps pay for our annual insurance policy and also serves to secure your child’s enrollment spot. Registration fee’s are non-refundable.

Why non-profit?

ALPoE is an IRS/State sanctioned 501c3 non-profit, educational organization. Non-profit organizations allow a collective board of directors to determine how to best utilize the corporations income (your tuition) toward sustaining and improving the program. We prefer non-profit work because non-profits belong to no one yet, EVERYONE! Non-profit regulations determine where our profits go, insuring that the purpose and work of the school and who we serve is always greater than the profit of any one or core group of executives. Our non-profit tax-ID number is 45-3550252. And lastly… all of your generous donations to the school are tax deductible!

Can my child “age-in” to the next level of programming mid-year?

All quality child development programming have one thing in common: activities and materials that are diverse and open-ended, allowing children to explore at all levels of their developmental, not biological age. Each child grows at their own unique pace. Each program allows children to explore as deeply and creatively as their brains and bodies will allow.  Children will not “age-in” mid year for many reasons: Community-building takes time and those bonds are key to their happiness and developmental growth. Children appreciate predictable routines and feel competent to explore and take important risks when they become comfortable with those routines. And some spaces are expansive for big body play and exploration, while other spaces are intimate and mindful extensions of home. If your child is on the cusp of one program, we will work together to choose the right program for your child.

Do you have afternoon programming?

Yes, afternoon programming at ALPoE is called After Owls.  After Owls programming offers studio enrichment to pre-kindergarten students ages 4 and older from1-4:30 pm for a variety of enrichment. We will utilize the “Patch” philosophy which is collaborative and project-based in a small, intimate and common-age setting.  Each AO will offer studio work in an intimate setting to deepen their explorations in literacy, math, science, construction and body work.  Monday:  (Authors and Illustrators); Math/Science/language development.  Tuesday: (Garden/Language of Food); Innovation/Constructive/Creative.  Wednesday: (Construction Studio), Physical/Social/Math/Science.  Thursday:  (Motions (yoga) and Potions). At 2 pm, the children will be joined by a multi-age group of peers to explore free outdoor play until 4:30 pm.  You may register for one or more a week. We enroll only 15 children per class and must have 10 enrolled students to launch.

Olivia yoga 1 copy


Summer Session

Summer session is offered for 7 weeks this summer starting June 17. Summer programming is offered Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm.  Our teaching staff has teamed together to create summer “themes” of interest and activities to provide children a different “vibe” from our August-May programming. We also extend this invitation to children who have yet to enter the first grade.

Sick/Vacation/Tuition Policies

Child-Care/Education in the US is sadly not as valued as it should be, considering the lasting impact experiences during the 0-5 years has on whole-child development and overall well- being. In order to provide quality programming to your beautiful and deserving children as well as professional wages to our experienced, educated and deserving staff, we must rely on a predictable income in the form of your tuition. Therefore, if your child is sick, or if you choose to take an extended family vacation, we must still rely on your tuition in their absence, UNLESS, you give a 30 day termination notice. If you give notice, you are welcome to return when/if the space allows and another registration fee will be required to re-enroll.


All registered families are asked to volunteer 10 hours annually. Volunteerism fulfills many meaningful purposes. Not only does it keep our operational costs down when you help support our maintenance tasks from time to time, but it demonstrates your investment as a family to your child’s educational process. We welcome folks each week to shelve books ,clean a chicken coop, or file. But we also welcome builders, landscapers, engineers to keep us inventing new ways to support curiosity, innovation and most of all, PLAY! Please think of a special way you may connect your gifts to making ALPoE a most playfully creative and interactive learning space.