Nature Education

We want to leave a positive imprint on the world we live in by being good stewards of the Earth.

The foundation of A Little Patch of Earth Preschool rests in the belief that the preservation of our Earth is as vital as the preservation of childhood.  Sadly, we have seen a dramatic shift in how we care for both, therefore, play in partnership with nature is a valued ideal.

2012-09-17 09.00.07Our tree-shaded, grassy acreage invites children to explore the world of all living things including; insects, caring for small animals (chickens, tortoises, rabbits, lizards), gathering eggs, gardening, composting and harvesting.

Children spend 98% of their time outdoors and in the natural-living world.  Therefore, we ask parents to come each day with enough clothes for their children to dress up or down to depending on the weather.  Children will spend time in rain, wind and heat but with all of the provisions necessary and within the expressed wishes of the parent.

~There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad wardrobe”

Linda Akeson-McGurk


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