Documentation as a Form of Assessment


Story dictation serves as the “conduit through which the uniqueness of each child’s contribution can be recognized and valued.” ~Vivian Paley

Children learn by doing, but they also learn by reflecting. Documenting demonstrates the relationship between a child’s thoughts, ideas, and feelings and the environment in which they are engaging. It serves as the creative template for teacher planning so that the learning environment is an authentic reflection of the child’s interests and ideas. Documentation also becomes the narrative for a child’s own unique developmental journey.

Parents of children who are enrolled in ALPoE will receive a monthly digital newsletter of written reflections sharing the children’s learning. These reflections are the window to the many ways your children are constructing knowledge. Its intention is to highlight the process in which they interpret their environment. Because we place a greater value on how a child learns over what a child learns, the classroom becomes the ultimate community of respect and open inquiry.



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