Anti-Bias Education

A Little Path of Earth makes a commitment to support an anti-biased curriculum by providing materials which reflect the broad spectrum of our beautifully diverse community.

This means that we will make available material (literature, artwork, photography, toys, music, etc.) reflecting diversity in family styles, race and ethnicity, gender, abled-ness, and socio-economic class.

ALPoE strives to sustain FAMILY as a child’s first and most valued teacher.  We are careful to not imprint the practices of the dominant culture by perpetuating common rituals associated with holidays, for example, in the classroom.  Therefore, we do not celebrate any religious or commercial holiday’s.

As we continue to grow more aware of our anti-bias practice, we challenge ourselves to quiet the world of media and commercialism in early childhood by asking our families to avoid sending children with lunch boxes, back-packs, clothing and toys, etc. that reflect messages constructed for the purpose of marketing (characters such as Disney princesses or super hero’s).  Not only does this remove us from the practice of doing the marketing for other companies, but it also quiets the harmful and inaccurate stereotyping associated with media that is targeted to both children and the broader community.

Lastly, because our philosophy is rooted in creating a daily curriculum that supports the emerging ideas of children, a commercial-free environment liberates the imagination of a child’s own ideas and brilliant possibilities.


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