Our Approach

As a progressive school, we look at learning a little differently than a traditional program.  This is not to say that one program is better than another.  However, choosing a school does require that each family mindfully discuss and decide what it is that they value about learning, childhood and the shifting trends of early education.   Misconceived terms such as “school readiness” may be impacting the sacred moments of childhood by erroneously prioritizing academic skilling during the preschool years (under 6 years of age) over the child’s right to believe in themselves, to gain confidence in their abilities and to allow for growth and independence. The following pages are here to help you understand what we value and why.

The ALPoE staff are all richly qualified educators who spend a great deal of their professional time advocating for the rights of children.  Whether that is through supporting play that is intrinsically motivated by the child, or by fully accepting children where they are on the BROAD spectrum of a child’s unique development.  We are here to preserve and respect CHILDHOOD in all of its crazy, chaotic, messy, emotional, exhaustive yet, fantastical and awe-inspiring ways.

What we value and Why

2 Comments on “Our Approach

  1. Hello,
    I am interested in putting my son in preschool. He will be 3 years old Aug. 3rd. Not potty trained. I’d like more information on part time sessions: What times and days are available as well as pricing.

  2. Do you have any openings for 3yr old fully potty trained? I’m open to part time or full time for my daughter.


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