A Little Patch of Earth says …”So Long for Now”

A Little Patch of Earth has had to say “So Long for Now” to all of our beloved Children, Teachers, Families and Friends. Like so many of us, the impacts of COVID-19 has challenged and tested our economic, personal and professional security and it maybe has whittled down some of our resilience in these hard times.

But, this is not to say, that all is lost. In these coming months, ALPoE will do what it has always done best…


Time is only an enemy of the impatient. I am learning to make friends with time and the contemplative practice of observing and listening to the needs of our child, parent and educational community.

We’ve ALL been through a LOT! I invite you to share how you are sustaining yourselves and your families along with the ways in which you may be thriving and/or struggling. ALPoE wants to consider continuing to serve our community but in a way that FAMILIES need most.

In time and with your valuable input, ALPoE will seek ways to support, respect and honor the work of our community’s families so that together, we may continue to grow beautiful spaces, relationships, and meaningful experiences with our partners and with our children.

Consider sharing your family journey and email: alittlepatchofearth@gmail.com. Share your milestones and epiphanies; your trials and tribulations; but most of all, share your ideas on how ALPoE may consider helping family grow beyond the challenges of this pandemic.

For those of you who were part of the ALPoE family, I want to THANK YOU for your generous support and trust. So many of dreams were realized through the community we created together. In the process, we honored the most sacred time on the spectrum of human development. Childhood is alive and well because of your love and the free and open spirits of your beautiful children. I am eternally grateful for the time we shared together.

For those of you happening upon this webpage for preschool considerations, please consider checking out The Garden Patch Play School. It is a new non-profit preschool that has taken on the work of A Little Patch of Earth Preschool. This school is the recipient of ALPoE’s donated curriculum, inventory, and property infrastructure. It is located at the same address and can be reached at gardenpatchplayschool@gmail.com

Until we meet again,

Be safe, Be happy & Be present to all of the possibilities. You are doing a WONDERFUL job!

Much Love,

Sally Swiatek Founder, A Little Patch of Earth


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